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John Woodruff


Artist Statement:
I mainly work in photography. As a process and as a subject, I exploit the medium’s regular form and culturally specific ideals of perfection and hope to move the viewer beyond the slick, regular norms and expectations for ‘good’ pictures.

Throughout my works run a current of common tools and imagery. I use these abundant, generally public realm tools, processes and imagery to further deconstruct the cultural hold on photography as a technological symbol and tool in and of itself. Some of these applied processes have seemingly unintended and random results which furthers as a symbolic element to the work. The result is that I can easily imagine my own interpretation without being hindered by the reality or the original intent of the images I investigate. I want the viewer to realize the duality that develops through different interpretations and new contexts for beautiful images.

1991 BFA Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
1989-1990 Salzburg College, Salzburg Austria



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